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Piano Lesson

Price plans

Music therapy is an accredited profession governed by the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT). Follow the link below to the official website. 

If you think that music therapy may be out of your price range contact us to see if additional monetary support or special discounts can be acquired.

If you are unsure about signing up for a full block of music therapy sessions, munster music therapy offers a stand alone consultation service where we can sit down and discuss your individual needs and figure out if music therapy is worthwhile for you.

We offer consultation sessions for €50 

and stand alone sessions for €75

If you are still unsure, music therapy sessions can be provided on a one off basis (Pay as you go) but we recommend purchasing a package to reap the full benefits of a long term strategic plan!

Discount Packages - Save €100 over the course of 10 sessions

  • Best Value

    Discount plan

    The standard recommendation of 10 sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • This plan provides ten hours of discounted contact time.
    • €50 discount over the course of ten sessions
    • This enables the development of a long term strategic plan.
    • An assessment report can be provided to you in session four
    • An evaluation report will be provided after session ten
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