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“Songs express who we are and how we feel, they bring us closer to others, they keep us company when we are alone. They articulate our beliefs and values, and they bear witness to our lives. Songs weave tales of our joys and sorrows, they reveal our innermost secrets, and they express our hopes and disappointments, our fears and triumphs. They are our musical diaries, our life stories. They are the sounds of our personal development”.

Dr. Kenneth Bruscia

Music therapy and Autism Spectrum disorders

Find out how music therapy can be beneficial to individuals who are living with an ASD diagnosis

Music therapy for neurological disorders

Music therapy can have beneficial impacts on all sorts of neurological disorders such as Parkinsons disease and the effects of stroke and/or other traumatic brain injuries. Follow this link to find out more!

Music therapy and mental health

Music is one of those tools that many of us turn to when times are tough. Follow the link below to find out how music can help you to improve your mental health and overcome whatever challenges there are that you may be facing!

Music Performance

Who can benefit from music therapy?

Music therapy is applicable across the lifespan, if you enjoy music (of any style or genre) then music therapy has potential to benefit you. You do not need to be a musician to participate in music therapy!

Simply stating that music therapy can help everyone however may be a little bit too vague so here are some more concrete examples of healthcare areas where music therapists may work;

Mental health

Early intervention

Autism spectrum disorders

Behavioural disorders

PMLD (profound multiple learning disabilities)

Neurologic disorders and diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers

Neurologic rehabilitation for stroke or traumatic brain injury

Pain management

Speech and language disorders

Physical and Mental health maintenance for older age individuals 

Transitioning to retirement

End of life care


Who we are...

Munster music therapy is your one stop shop for all you need to know about music therapy.

The defining feature of music therapy is that it utilizes music to achieve non-musical goals.

Be they providing rehabilitation services in the neurology ward of a hospital, working with children and adults with special needs in school or supporting a person going through a difficult time in a private clinic, music therapists can provide support services across the lifespan to individuals of all ability levels. You don't need to be a musician to enjoy the benefits of music therapy!

On this website you will find resources for service users, parents, teachers and both qualified and student music therapists. MMT aims to provide an open access, online directory of educational music therapy resources as well as a uniquely valuable service to our community. Working together with people from across Ireland and the world, we will further the field of music therapy. 

Munster music therapy provides a top quality music therapy service to the people of Ireland. Starting from our base in Carrigaline we plan to nurture and cultivate the little known field of music therapy, utilizing evidence based approaches alongside cutting edge research and development to work with service users of all ages and ability levels. 

Follow the link below to find out more about Munster music therapy

Yours in health,


Daniel Dineen, B.Ed, MAMT, NMT

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For more information or to book a session, please feel free to contact Munster Music Therapy at your discretion!

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