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At the Tip of Your Fingers

General information links

19 October 2020

Useful links to find out more about music therapy.

An introduction to music therapy

January, 12, 2021

Here you can find a playlist of videos that explore some of the basic concepts and principles of music therapy along with some detailed descriptions of when and how it is used.

Tedx talks about music therapy

19 October 2020

This is a variety of YouTube links to Ted talks from around the worlds that relate to music therapy

Music therapy in Irealnd

November 19, 2020

This is a list of organizations and non-profits from across Ireland who use music therapy as part of their services and have interesting and valuable online resources.

Music therapy and Mental health

November 22, 2020

Learn about how music therapy can help individuals who are facing mental health difficulties.

Music therapy and Autism

November 22, 2020

Here you will find information on how music therapy can be beneficial to individuals living with an ASD diganosis

Neurologic music therapy

November 22, 2020

Here you will find information about the fascinating field of neurologic music therapy and how it can help individuals living with a traumatic brain injury

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