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Working together

This is our community page. The organisations listed here are all share our our dream of adding value to their communities in whatever ways that they can. This section of our page is part of our way of supporting the growth of a new phase in development in human interaction and caring both for one another and the planet that we steward.

If you have something to offer your community contact us and we will help in whatever way that we can.


The Life Fit studio

We are passionate about helping you on your journey to health. All of our holistic & individualised services such as physiotherapy, massage, yoga, nutrition, movement analysis & education, corporate/group bookings strive to unleash your body’s potential & improve your quality of life.

Viboxo sound senses

with Orla O'Sullivan

viboxo image.jpg

Orla O’Sullivan CEO Viboxo SoundSenses CLG  is an award winning Deaf Vision-Impaired music teacher, performer,  artist ,  innovator. The piano and ISL Language are her instruments. Her passion is to bring music to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and others who are sensory impaired. It will bring children and adults to music in a new and innovative way. 

She is the inspiration and drive of the team developing the audio/visual/tactile music technology Viboxo SoundSenses. 

This stunning technology enables everyone and anyone to see the music in vivid colours, each note a different colour. It is education,  entertainment and therapy all in one.

At the same time you will feel each music note as it vibrates the Viboxo SoundSenses tactile device. Each major note has a different vibration.  This will happen in any electrical instrument where every note vibrates through a tactile device that transmits a specific vibration signal for each note.   And all of this can be experienced and played in a cathedral of colour, sound and touch. All in harmony and perfect time. See it. Feel it. Experience the sound. 


Phone 0879159494 - text only

Website: www.orlaosullivan.ieand the link Viboxo SoundSenses CLG 


CPRCertified was founded to help make CPR training accessible to everyone. Our company was founded with the goal of providing interesting and challenging CPR certification and recert classes to busy professionals.

We were the first company to pioneer high definition online CPR training from certified AHA instructors. Our courses have been used by healthcare professionals and anyone wanting to learn CPR to help save a life.

Check out our full listings of courses from CPR, First Aid, Airborne Pathogens, and others on our website at:                                                           

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